May 7, 2015

King Comfort Pocket Spring Mattress

King Comfort Mattress, Narda Mattress
We are giving information about King Comfort pocket spring mattress model in this article. For the official introduction and product information, you can visit the related page on Narda Mattress web site.


King Comfort is a mattress manufactured with pocket springs. The product's fundamental quality feature is more evenly distribution of pressure on the body thank to its pocket spring unit.

May 3, 2015

Natural Ways to Protect Yourself Against Depression

Regular Sleep and Other Lifestyle Changes for Prevention of Depression
Making some lifestyle changes by attaching more importance to sleep, exercising regularly and adopting hobbies can improve your mood and help you protect yourself from depression. The following 5 natural methods will be beneficial in preventing depression.

King Comfort Storage Bed

King Comfort Bed, Narda Mattress
King Comfort storage bed adds a nice touch to your bedroom with its elegant look while offering extra space for storage. You can use the storage part for your goods that you would like out of your wardrobe, so that you can save place.

April 30, 2015

Bodrum Metal Bed

Narda manufactures Ege Mattress and Bodrum Bed for exports
Bodrum has an elegant look which adds a nostalgic and romantic look into the bedroom. The design characterizes itself with simplicity. White colors are preferred to suit this design concept.Bodrum is a product manufactured completely with metal profiles and sheets.

April 29, 2015

Perfect Sleep Environment: 5. A Dark Bedroom

Perfect Sleep Environment: 5. A Dark Bedroom
Why is a dark bedroom necessary for better sleep? Human body perceives light as a wake up signal. In total darkness, the body secretes melatonin hormone which helps you to relax and fall asleep. Daylight and artificial lights suppress the secretion of melatonin.

Perfect Sleep Environment: 4. Avoid Distractions in Bedroom

A Perfect Bedroom Should be Free from Distractions
Keep away all the distracting elements from your sleep environment, especially those that emit light. There are scientific studies showing that exposure to lights emitted from e-book readers, tablets or mobile phones during or before bedtime can cause shifts in the circadian clock of human body, and thus can make it difficult to fall asleep and can also decrease sleep quality. 

Perfect Sleep Environment: 3. Bed and Comfort

Comfortable Bedding for Perfect Sleep
Your mattress should be comfortable and healthy. An excessively soft or firm, too small or very old mattress will prevent you from a good night’s sleep. It may not be possible to take a deep and refreshing rest on an uncomfortable mattress. The proper mattress is one that gives support to your body while distributing the pressure applied.

Perfect Sleep Environment: 2. Silence and Relaxation

A Relaxing Bedroom Should be Silent and Comfortable
Create a silent and relaxing sleep environment. Loud noise has a negative effect on sleep. If your bedroom has poor sound isolation, you can try to use ear plugs. Low sounds may block disturbing noises and help you calm, that is why some people find benefit in listening to “white noise” to fall asleep. Try listening classic music or the sound of ocean waves.

Perfect Sleep Environment: 1. Temperature and Humidity

Perfect Sleep Environment: Temperature and Humidity
Indoor temperature, humidity and air speed have significant impact on sleep. Your bedroom should be thermally comfortable enough so that you can easily fall asleep, and get an interrupted and high quality sleep during the night. Proper bedroom temperature effects your sleep positively. A too hot or too cold room will hinder better sleep.

Stages of Sleep Cycle

Diagram showing 5 stages of sleep cycle
Sleep comprises 5 stages, including the REM stage. As we sleep, we continue to go through these stages in cycles. In the above EEG graph regarding activities of brain waves, stage A is the state of being awake. The graphs up to the 5th stage are related to non-REM sleep, while the 5th stage is REM sleep.

April 28, 2015

Best Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Natural remedies for insomnia include lavender oil
Guest Writer: Jayme Dav, Home Arena, United Kingdom

Our currently prevailing 24/7 society has turned healthy sleep into more of a luxury than necessity, making insomnia one of the most common sleep disorders experienced by a significant majority of people at some stage of their lives not only in U.K, but all through the world.

Behavioral Strategies to Cope with Insomnia

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia treatment
Guest Writer: Michael Schwartz

As humans, we sometimes struggle with what makes us amazing: our ability to think and process information. Our brains are unfathomably complex, rich with interconnecting neurons that allow us to perceive, rationalize, imagine, etc.

Recommended Sleep Durations for Different Age Groups

Ideal sleep duration changes according to age groups
We need sleep for our survival like we need nutrition, water and breathing. Sleep is among factors of vital importance for being healthy and feeling good. We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives at sleep, and our sleep health defines our quality of life. We are all aware of the importance of sleep, but most of us do not make sleep a priority.

The Meaning of Sleep Hygiene and How to Improve It

The concept of sleep hygiene
The concept of Sleep Hygiene (SH) refers to the entire conditions which enable your sleep environment, mind and body to be prepared for a good sleep. It means having control over factors regarding your lifestyle and environment which may interact with your sleep.

Better Sleep Protects From Heart Attacks

Poor sleep related to increased risk of heart stroke
Sleep disorders affect heart health significantly. A large scale research by Tronheim Norwegian Science and Technology University (NTNU) investigated the relationship between sleep and heart health. The study was published in the Circulation Journal.

High Quality Sleep and Regular Exercise for a Healthy Brain and Better Memory

Better sleep protects the brain and memory
A research from University of California indicates that some structural changes occur naturally in the brain with time, and these changes may interfere with the quality of sleep. This situation may cause decline in the storage capability of the brain for long term memories.

Most Babies Are Sleeping With Potentially Risky Sleep Products

55% of babies sleep with risky bedding products
Is it safe to keep toys in babies beds? Is it dangerous for them to be covered with blankets? Is it safe for babies to sleep in the same bed with their parents? Or use pacifiers when sleeping?...

Alcohol and Sleep Quality

Alcohol and sleep deprivation
What happens when people with sleep deprivation take alcohol?

Successful People Who Make Sleep a Priority in Life

Matthew McCounaughey says he needs enough sleep for his best acting performance
During sleep, human brain’s self cleaning and renewal process is ten times more active than it is while we are awake. So our mind renews and prepares itself for the next day when we are sleeping.

Tips to Sleep Better and More Healthy

Tips and advice for better sleep
Sleep affects our health directly. According to scientific research, regular and better sleep elevates physical and mental performance.

Oversleeping at Weekends is No Good for Young People

9 hours of sleep per day is advised for teenagers
Teenagers may be opting for sleeping until noon time on weekends in order to compensate for the tiring shcool schedule during the week.

April 27, 2015

What is a Box Spring Bed Base?

How is a box spring bed manufactured and what does it contain?
A box spring bed base usually consists of springs and upholstery inside a wooden frame. The structure is covered with fabric on top and sides.

4 Important Benefits of Better Sleep for Your Skin

Sleep deprivation affects skin beauty
We all know the importance of sleeping an average of 8 hours per day, but how well aware are we about what happens to our body and how our health is affected when we do not get enough sleep?

Sending too Many Text Messages Ruins Sleep and Friendships

Too frequent texting from mobile phone has a negative effect on sleep and friendship
Sending text messages too frequently from mobile phones can cause poor sleep. Furthermore, people text too often are prone to more stress in their friendships.

April 26, 2015

Do I Have Insomnia? A List of Some of The Most Common Symptoms

The most common symptoms of insomnia
Guest Writer: Maria Dolgovina, MD

Most individuals with insomnia have trouble with sleeping as well as staying asleep.

Advice for the Natural Treatment of Insomnia

Tips for solving sleep problems
Guest Writer: Maria Dolgovina, MD

Getting a good night’s sleep can make a big positive impact on how you feel the next day.In fact, most people who get the required 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night tend to be happier, healthier and more productive than those who toss and turn, unable to fully relax and get into deep sleep.

April 25, 2015

About Sleepwell Expo Mattress and Technologies Trade Fair

From our booth at sleepwell expo mattress and sleep products trade fair
Sleepwell Expo Trade Fair was held in Istanbul Expo Center between 17-20 April. The fair was the first trade fair specialized in mattresses and sleep products in Turkey.

5 Habits to Make You Sleep Like a Baby

Tips for getting sound sleep
Sleep is important both for our body and mind. During sleep the body heals itself and repairs the daily environmental damages.

April 24, 2015

Happiness Associated to Better Sleep

Scientific research shows there is an association between happiness and sleep
According to a study from Cornell University, happiness and sleep affect each other in two ways: Getting enough sleep makes people happy, and also being happy can help you sleep well.

Research Shows Sleep is Important for Weight Loss

Sleep combats obesity by controlling hormones
Regular exercise and a healthy diet are key elements for weight loss. However, the importance of sleep is often overlooked. Research shows that sleep plays an important role in weight loss.